a good beginning makes a good ending

a good beginning makes a good ending

c 1300 South-English Legendary (EETS) I. 216 This was atte uerste me thingth [it seems to me] a god bygynnynge. Ther after was the betere hope to come to god endynge.

c 1350 Douce MS 52 no. 122 Of a gode begynnyng comyth a gode endyng.

1710 S. PALMER Proverbs 1 A good Beginning makes a good End... ’Tis a great point of Wisdom..to begin at the right end.

1850 ‘M. TENSAS’ Odd Leaves from Life of Louisiana ‘Swamp Doctor’ 109 I hope my future lot will be verification of the old adage, that a ‘bad beginning makes a good ending’, for mine is bad enough.

1934 G. WESTON His First Million Women xvi. I was brought up to believe that ‘Of a good beginning cometh a good ending.’.. ‘You can’t do a good plastering job if your laths aren’t right to begin with.’

Proverbs new dictionary.

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